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How Ironyte started

Ironyte is a personal project where I started with after someone made an image with Ironman goals. There was a lot of demand for this particular image so I decided to make this idea dynamic with a website.

Your personal info

A lot of people are uncertain if they want to fill any trusted information while registering. The only required information is a (unique) username and a password. E-mail is optional. To avoid any problems I suggest using a password which you don't use anywhere else. Although passwords are being encrypted/hashed into the database, just do it for your own safety since I am not responsible for any other websites.


If you have any questions, suggestions (e.g. new items) or you just want to have a talk, feel free to contact me on my twitter account. Or you can always send me an e-mail and I will answer as soon as possible.

Feeling generous / thankful?

Since I don't have a lot of revenue with this project and there are some server costs any donation would be highly appreciated. Of course this is not a mandatory. If you do donate me don't forget to include your name so I can send you a thank-you-message back <3

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All RuneScape-based images are from the official RuneScape Wiki.